At UBEU, we conduct free, interactive and informative workshops in high schools across the United States.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of students participate in our workshops which are geared toward helping students craft their best path after high school.  We help colleges, universities, trade schools, military branches, gap year providers and a multitude of other businesses connect with high school students in a meaningful way.




With so many options and volumes of information at their fingertips, today’s students face a dizzying array of choices when it comes to pursuing education. Specialized training?  Study abroad?  Online? The insights they garner from our workshop help them understand what the best choice may be for them and why.


Becoming a part of the UBEU networks gives you a way to stand out from the crowd. Our students are introduced to your school because they exhibit characteristics, passions and interests that fit well with you. Best of all, they ASK to hear from your school, specifically, by name. So rather than plowing through time and money working through the same lists every other college works, you can spend your valuable time and resources connecting with students who have already told you they are interested in you.


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Around 12% of our workshop participants indicated that they are interested in going into the military or guard. For many students, the military is a fantastic opportunity to grow, learn and obtain training.

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Many students look to take a gap year between high school and starting their education or training. Taking a gap year is gaining popularity and if you are a gap year or travel provider looking to reach these students, partnering with us gives you a great platform to reach these students.

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Going to work directly after high school is more viable than ever. Many industries and companies offer apprenticeship programs or on the job training. While college education used to be a prerequisite for career seekers, today's youth are charting their own path, and often times that path doesn't involve college. We offer an excellent way for businesses and recruiters to find excellent candidates to fill positions.

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Our solutions are customized for the specific needs of our partners. Drop us a quick line and we'll reach out to you within the day.